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Portable Light Stands

All industrial floodlights must be UL-certified and OSHA-approved for safety and operation standards.

Portable light stands are standard equipment needed for many industrial applications. At Chambers Power Products, your company can purchase 400-watt portable light stands that are designed to work in even the most extreme outdoor conditions. Each is backed by a manufacturer's warranty against defect and is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Shipping is available throughout the United States.

Portable Light Stands at Chambers Power Products

Some of the portable light stands available include metal halide hazardous-location lamps that are rated Class 1 explosion-proof. This means that they operate at low enough temperatures that they don't risk igniting any volatile substances around them. This also means that as the bulb goes out, it will not cause a spark or flame that could encourage fire or explosion in open or confined spaces.

Particularly in work environments where combustibles are used frequently, portable light towers and stands are necessities. Hazardous-location floodlights on the decks of off-shore oil platforms and explosion-proof lights stands in the midst of off-shore shipyard operations provide constant lighting without worry. All industrial floodlights must be UL-certified and OSHA-approved for safety and operation standards.

For added safety, portable light stands also come assembled with explosion-proof plugs, aluminum cages that can be hung or bolted to stationary objects and a 50-foot extension cord. They must be used with a GFI device to interrupt current when it reaches dangerous levels. If you have questions about stands, towers or bulbs or want to place an order, call Chambers Power Products at (866) 534-0239.


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